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Friday, November 2, 2007

Pet Skills

Was caught up just before I logged out last night. But I ding'ed 32. Now I have to go get Dash and I think a few more. Some might think that going and getting all the skills is a waste of time. I don't think so personally. If for some reason I want a different pet I would have to go backtrack and learn all these skills just to make my pet be 100%. This way I will not have to worry about it later in the game. It is also one of the reasons that I am working factions right now also.

Ok now on to the interesting parts of yesterday. Hillsbrad Foothills and the what looked and felt like the prepetual raiding of Tauren Mills by the Alliance. I don't know if the level 70's from our side were raiding Southshore or not cause I don't see those alearts. What I do know is that about every 20 minuites there seemed to be some or several level 70 Alliance going through town slaughtering everything. The annoying part of it was all the quest dealers and the stable master was dead.

Other than that I trained my level 32 skills and leveled the Enraged Ravager I got. The only thing about him I am even mildly annoyed with is his diet, (Meat, Raw Meat). Yup just those 2 things. And I am running out of meat where as with my cats I can feed them the product of my fishing.

Tonight I don't think I will be playing much or even this weekend as I will be moving. It shouldn't take me long to move, its more the orginization once the move is over that is going to take time. But also now that I am 30 I have to look into getting new gear so I can continue to grind out the levels. I have had the gear I have now for almost 10 levels some longer. So here I go off into the realm of Itemization and determining what will work for the next 5~10 levels. But since 2.3 is comming out in a few days levels will be flying by faster as I quest alot. So keeping in gear will become a larger issue till I get into the 50's or to 60. Just due to the fact that I will be leveling so fast my gear will go out of level range faster with less work. I hope Bilzzard took that into account when they make this change.

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Pike said...

Good luck with the move!